The Fed's Press Conference

On April 27, 2011, in free markets, by Joe Costello

Some people think little girls should
be seen and not heard, but I think
Oh Bondage, Up Yours!
Chain-store, chain-smoke
I consume you all
Chain-gang, chain-mail
I don’t think at all
Oh bondage, Up Yours!
Oh bondage No More
- X-Ray Specs — RIP Poly Styrene

So, the Fed is having its first news conference, which should tell you everything about the Fed. I think even the pope’s had new conferences at this point? Anyway, it shows you what a secretive unaccountable place the Fed is. However I wouldn’t get too excited, in this era of corporate rule, where PR is a major mechanism of control, the press conference is just another aspect of manipulation.

Dylan Ratigan is doing a nice thinking exercise.(tx stoller) What sort of questions should we really be asking about the money system, you can participate here.

So, when you watch Mr. Bernanke today, realize Fed chairmen lie more than presidents, and that’s saying something. When he’s deliberately obfuscating and you have no understanding what he’s saying, realize this is all part of the game of keeping the money system viagra price away from you peasants, and in America that has been a very long one-sided fight. When you watch Mr. Bernanke, you’ll have an understanding of Professor Goodwyn’s line at the beginning of his seminal work “The Populist Moment“, “Why Americans have far less democracy than they like to think.”

The question remains, what are we going to do about it?




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