A New Way Forward is a public platform and volunteer structural-reform thinking group to transform politics and the economy for the public good. We are dedicated to structural change in the political economy. We believe that concentrated financial power is dangerous for democracy, and that distributed power is possible and achievable. We want to see a social, economic, and governing infrastructure that leads to opportunity, wealth creation, creativity, and local industry for everyone, including the existence of a vibrant public discourse everywhere – we have helped to develop a loud call to break up the biggest banks’ powers and to never let them get so big again they can take over our politics and economy.

We started in April 2009,  and over the next year we held over 100 volunteer, grassroots, nationally-coordinated protests all over the country. ANWF is made up of the regular Americans who have come together to bring about structural reform of the financial industry and end the distortion of the political process by our largest corporations.