People around the country have effectively stalled their foreclosure by doing the following. These tips are not only helpful to people in need of foreclosure help, they can be powerful weapons for the public to fight back against unfair practices by those on the top.

First and foremost, if you are facing foreclosure, know your rights and beware of scammers offering to rent your house to you. You must look into your mortgage loan agreement to figure out what your bank can do if you can’t make your mortgage payments. Some rules apply depending on state laws, find a safe housing counselor here.

TIP #1:

This has turned out to be tip #1 because it is the most effective at stalling foreclosures. Here it is: Apply and reapply for the Making Home Affordable Program. Foreclosure auctions must be stalled by law. Go to the MHAP website and find a housing counselor and fill out the hardship affidavit.

TIP #2:

Look into the possibility of a short sale. Short sales often stall foreclosure proceedings because mortgage lenders would rather not go through a short sale process and may stall foreclosure proceedings while they review it. This is a risky tip, but could help preserve your credit rating and allow you to stay in your home until you figure things out.

Tip #3:

Put your house up for sale – lenders are likely to suspend foreclosure proceedings. Many times, lenders will allow you to stop making mortgage payments until your house is sold.

Tip #4:

A bankruptcy filing is bad for your credit rating for many years, but if you decide to choose this route, you will be debt-free and can possibly continue to live in your house (with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing).



When banks proceed on foreclosures, they will hold auctions to sell off your house as quickly as possible. Look into working with a community bank who together with enough of your friends and neighbors and foreclosure organizers can bid and win the foreclosure auction on your behalf. They can either have you pay rent until you can buy it back or negotiate a new mortgage with lower rates. Organize towards having a large number of people attend the auction (to push out other bidders). Email us at tyc (at) anewwayforward (dot) org. if you plan to pursue this option and we can help.

Find out more details about your auction – banks have listings of their foreclosures and government agencies make announcements on their public auctions. On the internet, you can visit


If you believe that the terms and risks of the loan weren’t fully disclosed to you, call the Federal Trade Commission at (877) FTC-HELP (382-4357) to file a complaint. You can also go to FTC’s site, contact your state attorney general or consumer affairs department.