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50,000 of our petition signatures presented by Harry Reid via WSJ

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Break Up The Banks Family and ANWF Supporters

Please email to add your group.

We invite your group to join a committee to steer the course for breaking up the banks, all of whom believe that the major financial industry players have had far too much control over the response to the economic crisis that is destroying our communities.

We need to put people in the seat of power over the bankers. If we don’t address the way companies are allowed to grow so big that they can take down the country, we will lose the very battle that can also deliver us to a safer, stabler economy.

While each group has a different specific piece of legislative focus, we all share a belief that Wall Street power over government policy is far too great, and that we need to assert control over the large, insolvent companies that are currently being funded by taxpayer dollars.

Sponsors and Advisors

-Mike Lux, Open Left

-Jane Hamsher, FireDogLake

-David Sirota, Syndicated Columnist, Author

-Joe Trippi, Change Congress, co-founder

-Zephyr Teachout, Visiting Assistant Professor of Duke University, Dean Campaign

-Joe Costello, Energy, Communications, and Political Economy

-William Greider, “Come Home, America”, National Correspondent, The Nation

-Yves Smith, Economist, Naked Capitalism

-Clean Air, Fresh Politic’s Prosperity Agenda.Us

-Danny Schechter, Media Channel, News Dissector, The Crime of Our Time

Supporting Groups

-ANWF is a part of Americans for Financial Reform

-The Working Group on Extreme Inequality
-Institute for Policy Studies, Program on Inequality and Common Good
-Jerome Armstrong, MyDD
-AFSCME – Pittsburgh
-Rural Votes
-California Reinvestment Coalition
-New Paltz Women in Black
-Economic Justice Committee of New Paltz and Vicinity for Obama
-Portland Jobs with Justice
-David Dayen, D-Day, founder and Hullabaloo*, blogger
-David Swanson, After Downing Street
-Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee
-Cleveland Committee on Corporations, Law & Democracy
-Progressive Democrats of America
-Grassroots Change
-Public Accountability Initiative
-Liberty Tree
-The Voters
-Wake County Young Democrats
-New Haven Peace Council
-Consumers for Peace
-Billionaires for Bush
-San Francisco Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign
-Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice
-Common Security Club

-United for a Fair Economy
-David Donnelly, Public Campaign Action Fund*: “New Way Forward is visionary, simple, and important.”

From around the web:

Consumers Union and ANWF Letter on Regulation

Alternet spearheads an ANWF petition to be delivered to Congress

Matt Yglesias: Rallies are being planned… the moment of crisis seems like the only time when the political power of the financial sector can feasibly be overcome. If we say we’re going to deal with this later, after we’ve fixed the immediate problems, then attention is going to wander on to other things’

*Groups listed for identification purposes only